Art for ACRES Nature Preserves

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I have been asked, “why do you paint the landscape?”  I think that we are too disconnected from nature.  Especially in the city.  I think that we spend too much time indoors.  We work, and we live indoors.  And then we drive around in our man-made mode of transportation on man-made roads, and we walk on man-made sidewalks, surrounded by man-made buildings.  We look at man-designed landscaping, and so on, and so on.  I am not against any of these things.  I enjoy them very much.  But I feel disconnected from nature.  I remember driving down a city road and thinking that the only things that were not intentionally placed were the weeds and the clouds floating over head.  Especially in the early spring, or in the fall when everything is changing, I feel like I need to be out in it every day because it changes so quickly.  So I paint the landscape because it is how I reconnect with nature.

And I happen to love the ACRES Nature Preserves.  I love going to the different ones and seeing how they are different from each other.  I remember one that I had been to years before that just didn’t feel like” home” because the landscape was so different.  I want to find it again.  Yes, I can’t believe that I forgot the name of it.  So when I saw the call for art for the Art for ACRES exhibit, I didn’t even think twice, I knew I had to participate.  A portion of sales goes to ACRES.  Go check it out!

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If you go…

Where:  Garrett Museum of Art, 100 S Randolph Street, Garrett, IN

What:  Art for ACRES exhibit

When:  Through August 14, 2016

Hours: Friday 5pm – 8pm, Saturday 4pm – 7pm, Sunday 1pm – 4pm

Phone:  260-357-4917

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