Struggling Forward

Foggy Mountain

It seems that I have been over-the-top busy lately.  It is just a bunch of little things sprinkled with a few big things – now that I think about it.  And spring is springing!  Who wants to do anything responsible when spring is springing?

Despite all of that, I did manage to meet one of my goals, and that was to create an art video.  It turned out to be a learning project, naturally, to see what I could do.  My first video was totally lost.  Somehow it was “still on the camera,” and therefore the video that I created could not be shared.  I managed to figure that out.  But then, when I tried to import additional video, what I had “figured out” wasn’t working any more.  And my piece didn’t turn out quite like I envisioned.  Isn’t that the way things go?  Frustrating yes!  Did I give up?  No!  And here it is.


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