Focus, and Forget The Rest.

Carlsons Guide

In the book, “Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting” Carlson states:

In painting, as in singing, there is no excuse for a poor technical performance. We take it for granted that the man who is to give a concert at Carnegie Hall knows how to sing. If he does not, we do not wish to listen to him.

In painting we are apt to be very forgiving of poor technical performance. “Why, see! See what the man intended here!” In art, intentions have no place; only results. In good art, the results do not have to be “explained.” As a matter of fact, there is but one kind of art and that is good art.

I was shopping at one of America’s most popular department stores – found in every major city in America. I really hate shopping, but I was on a mission to spend my birthday gift card, and I knew exactly what I wanted. I turned the corner to make my way to my destination. I had to wander because I wasn’t exactly sure where what I wanted was actually located. As I was wandering, it hit me….. an end-cap displaying horrifyingly bad wall art. I kind of walked past it, but turned back to verify what I had just seen. And yes, it was that bad. The colors were muddy, and the technique, well it looked amateurish. I had to wonder, who made the decision that this wall art was worthy to be sold. I wondered if this poor soul was the victim of art education cuts, or someone who simply, dare I say it, had bad taste. I am now cringing.

The good news is that this art department was very small. And that is a good sign! Hopefully it is a sign that people know that they can get good original art at their local galleries, art festivals, and even on line. And business-minded artists are going to have something to offer for everyone’s budget.

I can’t worry about the first issue. I have no answer for it. I must stay focused on my work.

Here is a new painting that I started yesterday. 

Work in Progress

And finished today. 

Fox Island in Color FB

“Worry is a misuse of imagination.”  ~ Dan Zadra


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