Non-Blue Sky

The Pond in Fall 1

I decided that it was finally time to fill my Esty shop, because some of you have been checking it out. The above image is a miniature pastel painting of one of my favorite ponds located somewhere in the Midwest. I was experimenting with non-blue skies. And I like the way it turned out. I worked on Ursta, it is an old surface. I think Uart is the surface that replaced Ursta.

When working with pastels, there are four rules to follow. Of course you may break them at anytime, as long as you make it work well.

  1. Work Dark (colors) to Light (colors)
  2. Work Hard to Soft (use pastels with more binder in them before the soft pastels with less binder)
  3. Three and Four really go together but, Match Your Values. (How dark is that color?)
  4. Match Your Temperatures. How warm or cool is that color?

If you want to see more of my work, go to “My Etsy Shop” link. Thanks!


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