Working with a Purpose

I have found that unless I impose a deadline upon myself, unless I have a purpose for what I am doing, I don’t get much done. I am sure that I am not that much different from anyone else. So, I am back at it. I completed my 100 paintings in 100 days, which was the big kick off. (I blogged about this earlier, in case anyone remembers.) Then I rejoined The Orchard Gallery of Fine Art in The Fort. I am currently working on two commissions and I just bought a new book, “Portrait Painting Atelier.” I always loved painting people, but supposedly there wasn’t really a market for it here. But I am going to work on it anyway. Why, because even if there isn’t a market, there are competitions and museum shows. Yes, I am thinking differently.

And since summer is somewhere around the corner, Spring seems to take forever getting here, I am going to get back to plein air painting – painting out in the open air. Why do I plein air paint? For the same reason that I love the one minute gesture drawing, it helps me to see.

I have also come to realize that I don’t have to do everything everyday.  Yes, I am thinking differently.

Got to go, I have work to do.


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