100 Paintings, 100 Days

1 copy

I was so inspired by the Painting to 100 article in the October issue of the Pastel Journal, I decided to try this for myself. I liked the idea of painting the same subject matter over and over again, and yes, even 100 times. I found the idea to be freeing; freeing me up to play, get out of my ruts and to get back into the swing of things with a daily assignment. And being a mom, I loved the idea that I would do a painting in only 30 minutes. I certainly have time to do that! And I believe that forcing myself to work quickly like that will also be beneficial for plein air painting. The first thing I did was work on La Carte Pastel Card paper. This is a totally new paper for me. I like to work with washes, but the La Cart Card cannot be used with wet techniques. I pulled out my notes from my freshman Color Concepts class thinking that I would use those as a starting point. LOL! I do remember the first assignment, but I couldn’t make sense of my notes to figure out what the point of the second assignment was. Must have written down enough to jog my memory for the assignments. Despite that I moved on. I am now on day 5. It is amazing how hard it is to stop. I want to keep going, but I do have other ideas to work on. Couldn’t sleep last night because I was so excited about some of the things that I want to try.

Anyway, here is the first of 100 painted on La Carte Pastel Card.

All will be posted on Etsy.com

Look for them on my website too.

By the way, check out Marla Baggetta’s One Hundred Variations at http://www.baggettastudio.com


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