Passionate about Pastels Competition


This is my second piece for the competition.  The competition, which is being held on Facebook and hosted by Passionate about Pastels Group, called for two entries; one which is fairly typical of what we do and something totally different.   

What makes this piece atypical for me:

1. I didn’t start with a photo reference.

2.  I started with an oil wash for the underpainting.

3. I put a color down that I ended up not liking.  So I lifted it out with a paper towel.  I liked the shape that it left, and proceeded to lift out more areas of color.

4. I decided what I had left looked like the beginning of a floral piece.  I was going to make the round shapes into dandelions that had gone to seed.  One day I saw a piece of popcorn, and wondered about popcorn ball flowers.  That would be totally different for me.  So that is the direction I am now going to proceed with.

5. I approached areas as if doing a “negative” painting.

Don’t know really what I think about it.  It was kind of fun to do something I have never done before, however, it doesn’t fit with anything else that I have.  Might just gesso over it.

 By the way, the other piece that I submitted was the image that I posted in Finished Painting.  That was fairly typical for me, but I did try a few things.  First of all, I usually avoid buildings.  I decided to break the don’t-use-black rule.  I think it worked.


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